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Arduino™ Project #1

Arduino Hardware Set Up #1
Arduino Hardware Set Up #1
Pin 10 not connected
Pin 10 not connected
IP Address of the Arduino
IP Address of the Arduino

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Arduino Hardware Set Up #1

Connect the Ethernet Shield to the Arduino UNO and connect the LCD Shield with extension connectors to the Ethernet Shield but don't connect output pin 10 to the LCD Shield (see picture) because that causes flickering of the back light of the LCD.

Arduino set up and software

Connect the Arduino UNO board with an USB cable to your MacBook™ and the Ethernet Shield with a RJ45 Ethernet cable to your Router.

Start up the Arduino IDE, open the sketch file "20171214DhcpAddress.ino" and upload the sketch to the Arduino.

Processor board with WiFi

LCD Display Shield


Hardware Set Up

Arduino Sketch


Arduino UNO Rev3

16 x 2 LCD Keypad Shield V2

330 Ω Resistor in series with LED

Arduino Hardware Set Up #1


JGE Arduino Projects Manual

See Pictures

Ethernet Shield

Arduino Ethernet Shield 2

Arduino Starters Guide

Arduino SIK-Guide