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Tube Amplifier Building Blocks and Complete Amplifiers

I like to experiment with different Guitar Tube Amplifiers.

However, instead building complete amplifiers I  build several building blocks that can be assembled in differend amplifiers.

An amplifier can be devided in several building blocks e.g. Preamp, Tone Control,  Power Amp, Power Supply and Speaker.

To connect the building blocks I use the following connectors:

Mains: Neutrik PowerCon

High Voltage: Red + and Black - test leads with 4 mm Banana Plugs

Tube Filament: 2 Blue test leads with 4 mm Banana Plugs

Speaker: 1/4 inch Jack Plug

Audio Line Level: Neutrik XLR3, input Male, output Female, pin 1 common, pin 2 signal 1, pin 3 signal 2

Guitar: 1/4 inch Jack Plug

Vox AC4 / Fender Rhodes based project.

Guitar Preamp (DI box) with tone control and line level out and a single ended class A power amp with EL84.

Menno van der Veen project 6 guitar amp with tone control and a double ended class AB power amp with 2x EL34.

Fender Deluxe Reverb-Amp project.

Squier Pickups Replacement

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