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Arduino Hardware Set Up #2.

Wire the LCD Shield to the Arduino MKR1000 (see drawing).


Download the app DMX Remote for MacBook™ from the Apple App Store and open the app on your MacBook™.

Follow the steps described in chapter "Step by step Art-Net™ Network set up on MacBook™". Don't switch WiFi off because we communicate via WiFi directly with the Arduino MKR1000.

Arduino set up and software

Connect the Arduino UNO board with an USB cable to your MacBook™. Start up the Arduino IDE, open the sketch file "20171214 ????.ino" and upload the sketch to the Arduino.

For more information read chapter "Arduino Project #3" in the Set up and instruction manual.

Arduino™ Project #3

Processor board with WiFi

LCD Display Shield


Hardware Set Up

Arduino Sketch

MacBook™ Software

iPhone™, iPad™ Software


Arduino MKR 1000

16 x 2 LCD Keypad Shield V2

330 Ω Resistor in series with LED

Arduino Hardware Set Up #2

Under Construction

Remote DMX for MacBook™

Remote DMX for iPhone™, iPad™

JGE Arduino Projects Manual

See Pictures

Apple App Store

Apple App Store


Arduino SIK-Guide     

Arduino Project 3 is not in the JGE Set Up and instruction Manual at this moment but will be soon.