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Menno van der Veen project 6 from 2005 guitar amp with tone control and a double ended class AB power amp with 2x EL34. Build in 2016.

Solid State Preamp and tone control based on Fender Rhodes Preamp.

The design is based on project 6 from Menno van der Veen. Web links to this project:

Het Project 1

Het Project 2

De power and output transformer I have used and bought from Menno van der Veen in 2013 are discontinued but Toroidal Transformers can be supplied by Menno van der Veen. MvdV products

The sound is as expected verry good, no noise, no hum. I added a power choke to filter the power to the ECC81 and the future preamp tubes. I also added protection 3000V-0,2A diodes from de anode of the EL34 to ground. The two EL34 end tubes, a matched pair, are manufactured by JJ and the ECC81 is manufactured by Groove Tubes. Resistors are metal film 1%, electrolitic capacitors power supply 470uF-400V, audio capacitors metallized polypropylene film type ECWFE from Panasonic, audio electrolitic capacitors aluminum polarized.

Remarks 2024:

I still use the guitar amplifier with a PreAmp based on the PreAmp from the Fender Rhodes. Because of the warm (lots of harmonics from the Preamp) sound I never build a tube PreAmp. If you want to build the amplifier with a tube PreAmp, take into account the current of the PreAmp tubes that the PSU transformer must be able to supply.

2024 Modifications:

The PSU will be changed into a stabilized 260V= and a soft start. With toridal transformers a softstart is necessery.


2x EL34 Chassis
2x EL34 Top View
2x EL34 Front View
2x EL34 Amplifier in 19 inch Rack
2x EL34 Bottom View

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Double Ended Class AB Guitar Power Amp 2x EL34