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Audio Queue Play From File

Audio Queue Services Programming Guide

Apple’s document that describes how to use Audio Queue Services.

Audio Queue Services provides a straightforward, low overhead way to record and play back audio in Mac OS X and replaces the Sound Manager which is deprecated in Mac OS X v10.5.

In Apple’s Audio Queue Services Programming Guide there are two example programs one to Record Audio and one to Play Back Audio.

The Play Audio Queue From File example is very well explained and documented by Apple.

I converted the Apple example to a Cocoa Project and copied all the comments from Apple on how the code works in the model class.

There is also an Audio Queue example from Apple called  Audio Queue Tools which you can study.

Play Audio Queue From File is full Cocoa and that means all classes end on .m.

The MVC design pattern is followed in Audio Queue Play File, there is a Controller and Model class.

The build and runtime requirements for this project are Mac OSX10.6 and XCode4.0.1.

The application icon is from Vincent Garnier.


If you have questions about programming topics please ask these questions on a developer mailing list from Apple. There you find people with far more knowledge then I.

For questions concerning Core Audio goto: coreaudio-api@lists.apple.com

For books about the foundation of Cocoa Programming visit: www.bignerdranch.com

Other useful books:

C++ From the Beginning, author Jan Skansholm.

Cocoa Programming Developer’s Handbook, author David Chisnall.

Core Audio, authors Kevin Avila and Chris Adamson.

If you have remarks or if you find bugs please send me an email: jgelectronics@icloud.com

Click on the picture to download the application and the source code.

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